Lesson #10  The Karate Clip: From Joshua Jay’s book “MAGIC! The Complete Course!”

Lesson #7 the bank robber kings:

Four Robbers

What You Need:

• Deck of cards


1. Before performing the trick, take 3 random cards and place them at the top of the deck. Then take the 4 Kings and place them underneath the 3 random cards.

2. Then take the bundle of 7 cards in your hand, and show your audience the King, saying “Here are 4 robbers (the kings ), and they are going to rob the bank (the deck of cards).”

3. Then say “The 4 robbers landed on top of the bank in a helicopter.” (Place the stack of cards on top of the rest of the deck).

4. Next say “The first robber goes to the first floor.” (Move the top card to the bottom).

5. Then “The second robber goes to the second floor.” (Move the next card close to the bottom).

6. Then “The third robber goes to the third floor.” (Move the following card closer to the top).

7. Then “The fourth stays on the roof to look out .” (Show the one king).

8. Now everyone thinks you have moved all the Kings to inside the deck, but you really have moved the 3 random cards.

9. Then “The robbers heard the cops coming so they rushed upstairs to escape.” Now show your audience the 4 Kings at the top!


Lesson #5: Threading the Needle- a rope trick!

From the program Hocus Focus by Kevin Spencer.

Lesson #4: The Magical Linking Elastics!

This trick is written up in many magic books, one is the Klutz Book Of Magic!


Lesson #3: The Jumping or Houdini Elastics


Lesson 1: The Instant Knot

Magnetic Personality Part 2:

The second part of this trick, where you move you hand away and the pencil still sticks, requires a couple more things. You will need to wear a long sleeve shirt or coat, a wrist watch and an extra “secret” pencil!

This trick works best with an object that is not too heavy. I tried with the knife in the video and a second knife and I could not shake it.

Set Up: You slide a second “secret” pencil under your watch. The second hidden pencil goes from your watch to the palm of your hand. It becomes like your finger holding the pencil in place. You then need to cover the “secret” pencil with your hand and finger (look at the video, I’m hiding the “secret” pencil. When you’re using the “secret” pencil, you must keep the back of your hand to the audience, if your hand is not hiding it.

You can push the “secret” pencil back up your sleeve under your watch to hide it after.

I will post a video Wednesday, with more ideas and show you how to use the “secret” pencil.