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My First Attempt at Ukulele Play Along – “Rise by Walk Off The Earth and Gabrielle B

Some of our usual warm up and play along pieces.  You guys all know this is one of my favourite Ukulele Play Alongs. If you want to learn the Chucking Strum watch past the play along, Cynthia has some great tips.

Some more songs with C, F & G:

Learn to Uke! [11/06/19]

You Are My Sunshine   –  This piece also has a great starting finger picking lesson for picketing through the chords.

LAVA   This is the full version that we played (I know that it has G7 and C7 but you can play them as G and C if you want).

2 Versions of Three Little Birds:

Three Little Birds: Our regular warm-up version with the strum pattern practice

Three Little Birds: Without the strum practice warm ups


Play Hundreds of Ukulele Songs With Just 4 Chords  D7 Chord Ukulele -

I Don’t Know My Name

I’m Yours   This one has a Hawaiian D7 too  

Girls Like You (Clean Version)


Some extra Challenge:

Dance Monkey

Rainbow Connection with Kermit

FOR A CHALLENGE!  I’m working on this riff pattern too: