Some Fun Art Ideas

Minecraft Selfies!

In Art today, the students in class created Minecraft Selfies using graph paper. Below is the basic instructions on how to draw yourself as a minecraft character.


Print out some Graph paper:

Mr. Potato Head Art Challenge!

Your Art Challenge for this week, is to create your own Mr. or Mrs. Potato Head and make a funny potato name for it. I will post a list of potato related words that students have brainstormed in the past and then you need to think about famous people or their characters that might fit a potato name. For Star Wars week, I posted Darth Tater! My Favourite!

Step 1: Create a funny potato name

Step 2: Using the blank potato template or create your own, draw what that Mr. Potato Head would look like

Step 3: Post a photo to Class Dojo in the Portfolio section.

Potato Words Brainstorm: potato, spud, tuber, yam, sweet, baker, baked, boiled, roasted, fried, fries, poutine, scalloped, mash, mashed, hash browns, shredded, whipped, pomme du terre, pomme frites (french), starch, carb, murphy, tater, tater tot, chip, chips,

If you can think of some more potato related words – please add them to the comment section below.

You can also think of a song title or movie title that may fit the potato theme, for example, Indiana Jones – does not fit a potato name but Taters of the Last Ark is awesome!

Here are a couple that I have tried. Emperor Palapoutine (unfortunately my gravy and cheese looks like Chewy’s fur! LOL) and Harry Poutini (Houdini).



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