Sunset Talent Show

Sunset Has Talent!

Click the link to view the Unlisted YouTube Playlist of all the submissions:

A Virtual Talent Show is now on YouTube!


Students’ Council is hosting a Virtual Talent Show on June 3rd. Students that would like to take part are asked to create a short video, approximately 2 minutes long, demonstrating their talent. The video will be submitted for approval and then posted to the unlisted Sunset Talent Show YouTube Page.

There has been some issues emailing larger attachments to my School District email. So far we have videos from: Olive, Kiara, Hazel, Teagan, Brittany, The Altmiks Family, Skylar, Carter, Georgia.  If you don’t see your child’s name in the list, please try resending your video to – Mr. Ogren’s personal email.


Click Here to Download the Talent Show Permission Form


  1. Keep the Video to approximately 2 minutes.
  2. Appropriate content – no swearing or inappropriate topics or clothing, i.e. drug or alcohol references.
  3. Have parents’ permission to post the video. Download and print out the permission form, sign it and then send a digital copy to Mr. Ogren at Videos will not be posted without a signed permission form.  Click Here to Download the Talent Show Permission Form
  4. Maintain the social distancing rules, performing with members within your own household (parents and siblings can perform with you this year!)
    1. You can use apps, like acapella, to sing or perform with friends outside your house
    2. Your friend can perform with you on a TV screen with you.
  5. Submit your video by June 1st, by emailing to Mr. Ogren at
  6. All videos are subject to pre-approval before being posted. If something is deemed inappropriate, students will be given a chance to re-record.

Other Important Information:

  1. Videos will be posted to an “Unlisted” YouTube Playlist.  The link will be shared via Class Dojo. You can share the link privately with family, but please do not post link to a public site like Facebook.
  2. Videos will be officially posted on Wednesday, June 3rd.  You will be able to view the videos for the month of June. They will all be deleted from YouTube at the end of June, so make sure you save your original.
  3. If you have any questions or comments please email Mr. Ogren at

Here is Mr. Ogren’s attempt:

Click Here to Download the Talent Show Permission Form