I will be posting how to videos, music to practice from and the recorder karate belt songs.

For those students in Mrs. Fletcher’s class, I created some new videos using a new note, the “C”! It will be used in the next Recorder Karate Video, which I will also post! Scroll down!

Click here to download Part 2 from Recorder Express:  Recorder Book 2

Click here to watch an orchestra use the recorder for a classic Movie Theme Song: The Good, The Bad and the Ugly!

How to wash your recorder:

LESSON 1: A quick Review of the notes B, A & G:

LESSON 2 : Hot Cross Buns & Au Claire de al Lune

Lesson 3: Buns Cross Hot with Harmony

Lesson #4: Wacky Waltz

Lesson #5: The FROG!

Lesson #6: Good News!

A New NOTE – THE “C”!

The First song that uses the new “C” note – JUBA!

Recorder Karate White Belt practice   – Click here to for a play along YouTube video for the first belt for Recorder Karate. You can send me a short video playing the song and I’ll get you karate belt to you when we get back to school. I will post a video with some extra help on how to play the song soon.


Gently Sleep – Play Along


The Orange Belt Play Along Video

Green Belt: The Hallelujah Chorus