Story Time: “Wonder”

Since we did get to finish the novel “Wonder” in class, written by R.J. Palacio, I will be reading the last half and posting the videos here. I will list them by page number (Even though I said date in the video). I hope you enjoy.

First Reading:

A couple examples of Zydeco Music, the style that Justin performs:

A Sesame Street Lesson on Zydeco

Mr. Ogren’s Personal favourite Zydeco Artist – Buckwheat Zydeco!


Third Installment from Wonder:


We’re back to August’s Perspective now for Part 6:

I wanted to post a short video about the next few chapters. They are very sad and I have a short explanation about my troubles reading them. I do say say in the video that I would post the pages from the novel, but I also found a lady reading this portion on YouTube and attached a link.

You can listen to the three chapters here: