Pop Bottle Rain Gauge

We built pop bottle rain gauges in Science today. About half the students, brought in a 2 liter pop bottles, so we worked with partners. I did send the instructions home with all students if you decide you want to participate.

Please set up the Rain Gauges in your yard Friday evening. roughly dinner time. The students need to record the amount of rain every day around the same time to see what the rain accumulation is for each 24 hour period.

They should have a record sheet to record their daily recording. If they forgot it, basically write down the date, time, and amount of rain each day.

The pop bottles have a measurement gauge in increments of 5 mm. Students may need some help estimating the amount. We did talk about how to estimate approximately, but a few were having difficulty with that concept. If you have a shorter plastic ruler that you could tape to the side of the bottle, that may make the measurement easier.

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