Science Research Projects!

Please check out the page above that describes the Science Animal Research projects. The students chose animals yesterday and started to research an animal of their choice. I provided an outline of topics and questions to help guide the research process.

Students will create a presentation to teach the rest of the class about their chosen animal. It can be done in one of two ways: 1. a poster that will be displayed in the class or 2. a Science Fair project on a backboard.

Each student will make a short 3-5 minute presentation to the class about their animal.

I have not made entering the Science Fair mandatory, but as I told the students, they will have done all the work anyway they might as well enter.

There are a few students that have also started working on experiments for the Science Fair at home. I will accept their experiments for marks in place of the animal research project if they are working in class on the project.

I’m hoping that students will have finished most of their research notes by Friday, March 13 before Spring Break. The Science Fair is April 1. We will be working on completing the posters/projects the week after Spring Break and presenting to the class the Monday & Tuesday before the Science Fair to practice.

animal research project worksheet – Click here for a copy of the note taking worksheets.

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