Storey’s Beach Field Trip

The class voted to go to Storey’s Beach for a class field trip. I have booked the bus for Monday, June 8th. There is a low tide of 0.6 at 11:30 am that day, so it should allow for lots of sand! It also happens to be World Oceans Day.

I will be looking for some parent volunteers to join us, especially someone that can bring a truck and some firewood for a fire to roast hot dogs and marshmallows.

I will be sending a notice/permission form home in a week.

Finger crossed for a beautiful sunny day!

Another walking field trip I hope to take the students on is to the public library and to play the animal prey/predator game. With this field trip, students will be able to get a library card and sign a couple books out for silent reading. The last sign out for the school’s library is around June 8th, so we usually do this field trip at some point after the school library closes for inventory. We also do a Subway lunch that day as well.

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