“I’m Bored!” Hobby Project

“I’m Bored!” – Summer is coming and that is a common phrase spoken by kids. For the last month of school I am putting together the “I’m Bored Hobby Project.” The premise of the assignment is that each student must decide on a hobby they would like to learn or improve. The hobby must use materials we have at school or the student can bring from home.

Some of the ideas the kids brainstormed are:

Magic, Juggling, Friendship Bracelets, Knitting, Sewing, Puppetry/Ventriloquism, Drawing, Sketching, Cartooning, Painting, Paper Models, Cub Badges, Card games – Cribbage.

The assignment tonight is to decide on what hobby they want to learn.

If students have “Kit” for something, like magic, friendship bracelets, etc. that they would like to bring, with the instructions and materials, that works. They will be expected to find at least three different sources of information – books (library, home), websites (including Youtube), magazines, videos and mentors (mom, dad, grandparent – just take some digital photos/video).

Students will be marked on the following:

1. Using Time Appropriately/wisely

2. Presentation to the class about what they learned

3. Create a Bibliography/List of References – Where did you find info how to learn your hobby? – Websites, Youtube, Library Book (Reference # – i.e. all magic books are 793.8 at any library.)

4. Students will demonstrate what they learned and try to teach a classmate the basic skill.

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