It’s Form Season Again!

It’s that crazy season of forms again!

The students have a big batch of forms in their planners today. Some of the forms included are:

  1. Walking Field Trips – by signing this form you give your child permission to take part in a variety pf walking field trips, for example, walking to Cheslakees to buddy with a kindergarten class there, walking to Subway, Post Office Tour, etc. I will always get the students to write a note in their planners when we are walking somewhere. Cheslakees happens every other Friday.
  2. Internet Permission – there are many times we will be using the internet for research, learning games and activities, such as RAZ Kids (reading), Arcadademics, etc. Students must have permission to use the internet.
  3. Website Permission- I host this website and at times will post photos of the students’. I do not publish last names at any time.
  4. First Nations Support Program– if you self identify as First Nations, please complete the forms attached. This allows Mrs. Ellis, our awesome First Nations Support Worker, to schedule time to help your child during class.

If you have any questions or concerns about the forms please call the office. You can also email me or stop by the school and we can answer any questions you have.

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