All Candidates Meeting at NISS

Our first unit in Social Studies this year is studying Canadian government structures. The class has been working with a great resource created by Elections Canada called Student Vote. We have been discussing the different types of governments: democracy vs. dictatorship. We will also be discussing the various levels of government (municipal, provincial & federal).

As part of our learning, we have been invited to attend the all candidates meeting for students at NISS on Tuesday, October 6 @ 2:00 pm. Our class and Mrs. Lok’s class will be walking over around 1:45 pm and returning by the dismissal bell at 3:05 pm.

As a reminder to parents, there will be an All Candidates Meeting at NISS that same evening. Parents are also welcome to attend the afternoon session.

Thank you to Mr. Abbot, a teacher at NISS, for organizing the event.

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