Student Vote!

There were long lines at the Sunset Student Vote Polling Station yesterday and today!


Elections Canada has developed an excellent classroom resource called Student Vote. There are a variety of lessons teaching students about elections, levels of government, human and civil rights, etc. One very important aspect of the program is to have the students participate in the Student Vote. The vote is conducted in the same way as adults vote in Canada. Elections Canada shipped voting boxes, privacy booths/screens, ballots and instructions. As of Thursday, more than 400,000 students had cast ballots across Canada. Sunset had intermediate students vote Thursday & Friday. I set up the room to model a real polling station, manned by various students with the roles that returning officers would do.

Check out the photos on the page above titled Student Vote. The results of Sunset’s polls were sent to Elections Canada after school and the results of the student polls will also be revealed Monday night after the polls close.

Election Day – Monday Oct. 19! As the students have learned, voting is the most important part of living in a democracy. We all need to cast a ballot and have a say in determining the people that will make up our government and represent us in parliament.


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