Science Fair/Projects

We have been discussing possible topics for a Science project of the students’ choice this week. Students can complete a study (research project) or an experiment. The project is mandatory, but entering it into the Science Fair is optional.

Backboards can be ordered through the office for $8.40. The deadline to order a backboard is next Wednesday, February 17. I will remind students Monday.

Students will be presenting their research/experiment to the class on March 1 & 2 and the school based Science Fair is on Thursday, March 3.

For the presentation to the class the students can complete in a form of their choice – poster, PowerPoint, Science Fair backboard.

Click here to check out the judging criteria for the Science Fair:  Science Fair Project Criteria

Students will also receive a package about Science Fair Projects Monday – in all the excitement around Valentine’s today, I forgot to hand it out. Students will also have to identify what they want to study.

One simple topic for a research project is to study an animal that they love. Choose an animal and they can use the following worksheets to organize their research:  animal research project worksheet.

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