Camp Homewood Notice & Meeting

The Grade 5 Camp Homewood Trip is quickly approaching – May 16-20!

A Camp Homewood notice was also sent out Friday for the Grade 5’s.  There are two important pieces of information on the notice. The first is to indicate if a parent would like to be a chaperone. We will need a balance of Moms & Dads. We will also need enough time to make sure that everyone can get their criminal record searches completed (they are mandatory for all chaperones.)

The second item on the notice is to let parents know that there will be an information meeting this Thursday, April 21 at 5:30 pm in the Library. We will hopefully have the totals for remaining costs per students, permission forms, and basic Camp Homewood information.

There will be one more fundraiser for the trip. We will be having a Walk-a-Thon. The date TBD. Most likely during the first week of May.


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