Camp Homewood Important Update for Grade 5

  1. There were a number of forms that came home today for those students/parents that were not able to make the meeting last Thursday. Please sign all the forms and return as soon as possible. The waiver from the School District MUST be witnessed by a non-family member. If you are having trouble finding someone, just bring it to school and I can sign it, but I must witness you signing it.
  2. WALK-A-THON! The last fundraiser is next Wednesday, May4th, it’s the Walk-A-Thon. It will happen at the NISS track after school. The students will walk 5 kms – approx. 15 laps. ALL the money raised will go directly to their $300 total.
  3. The dollar amount left to pay (up to $300) is written at the top of the Camp Homewood Supply for each student. This does not include the DeVry plant order money yet, so if you put in an order the amount will be less.

Please email or call the school if you have any questions about the forms, fees, etc.


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