Heritage Project Presentations This Week!

Students will be presenting what they learned about their heritage on Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday. Students have a choice on how they want to present their learning, i.e. poster, PowerPoint, Prezi, Scrapbook. For example, many students created a poster size flag if the country and then pasted their research on it.

The mandatory portion of the presentation is to present what they learned about one of their countries of origin.

Other areas that can share: A family story based on the interview with a family member and one or two artifacts. If the artifacts are valuable, they can bring a photo or parents/guardians can bring in the item and take it home when the presentation is over. I highly recommend that if the artifact is very fragile or valuable, students do not bring the actual item to school.  (This component is optional due to some students not being able to get them.)

On Thursday, the class will host a potluck lunch, where students can bring a food from their heritage to share with the class. This will be a celebration to wrap up the Heritage Project.

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