Letter to a famous Canadian – Rough Copy due Friday

Students are writing letters to someone famous that inspires them for Language Arts.  I have encouraged them to choose someone that lives or works (i.e. hockey player) in Canada so that they can include a self-addressed stamped envelope. There is a possibility that the students may receive an autograph (no guarantees).

Rough Copies are due Friday! We will be editing, starting good copies and looking up addresses Friday.

Some people that have written back or sent autographs are: many Canucks (including Burrows, Kesler, the Sedins), Rick Hansen, Rosie McLennan, Amber Marshall, Willlie Mitchell and Mike Cammellari. It usually takes 3-6 months to receive something back.

The letter needs to be a full page and include a paragraph about themselves (just first name and no personal info such as phone number or address – the school’s address will be the return address) and a paragraph about why that person inspires them, for example, a past student wrote to Loungo and discussed he was the reason that child played goalie and always wore Lou’s number.

This activity to help provide students with a real audience for their writing.

We will be walking to the post office to mail letters hopefully next Friday, Oct. 14. We will time the walking field trip with a stop at Subway for lunch. The date will depend on the weather.

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