Spelling – Halloween Unit


  1. Write a sentence for each of the list words. (Underline the List Words!)
  2. Write the list words in alphabetical order.
  3. Write a scary Halloween story using a minimum of 8 of the list words. (Underline the list words in the story.)
  4. Create your own Acrostic Poem for one of the list words more than 6 letters long.
  5. Create your own word search using the list words. (Please decorate the sheet.)
  6. Complete the Double Puzzle and Word Search.

List Words:

1.   ghost

2.  pumpkin

3.  witch

4.  candy

5.  costume

6.  scary

7.  bat

8. trick

9.  treat

10.               vampire

11.                eerie

12.               Halloween

13.               Dracula

14.               skeleton

15.               zombie

16.               Jack O’Lantern

17.               Frankenstein

18.              October

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