Heritage Project

The students were given a package/overview of the whole Heritage Project we will be working on over the remainder of the second term for Social Studies.

Students need to decide what country or culture of origin they want to research. If students want to research their first nations ancestry just change the word country to culture in the project.

Most students have completed the Family Tree Portion. The main goal of that assignment was to give students an idea of the choices to work from.

I will be posting the deadlines as we work through the project. Please do not feel that everything needs to be completed this weekend. Start with researching the country of origin. They will have lots of class time as well.

To wrap up the unit, the class will be hosting an “heritage potluck lunch”. The lunch will be a variety of foods from around the world. Students can bring in the recipe and we will create a class cookbook. If you can’t share a secret family recipe, please include the list of ingredients so that students with allergies can make sure the foods are safe to eat. The lunch with probably be around the end of February, early March. A notice will come home a week prior.

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