There were a number of forms sent home in a package Tuesday. Please make sure that you read through and sign them all.

1. The student information verification forms are important, so the school has the most current contact info in case of emergencies.

2. Walking Field Trip – from time to time classes may go on walking field trips, this form allows us to do them without having parents to sign every time. For example, our class will be buddying up with the Kindergarteners and walking to Cheslakees every other Friday. I will ask students to write it in their planners that Thursday and post on the website.

3. Publishing photos, stories and online access – the one form is important, from time to time p, I like to post photos on the class website of events, work, etc. I never post last names, but the kids love to see their work and selves on the website. We also will be using the internet for a variety of research projects and they must have the form signed to use it.

If you have any questions about the forms please contact the office or email me.

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